Paula Abdul Pulls it Together

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Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul seems to be another one of those ladies that just never seems to look bad, and given the fact that she is in the spotlight so much since her work with American Idol, we can’t be too surprised about that fact. But even after she has stepped down from her reign as judge on American Idol, she still seems to keep it together and pull off uber glam style despite the fact that she’s not so much in the public eye anymore. Here she was spotted arriving back at Burbank airport, looking fabulous and chic as not many do after stepping off a major flight. But Paula has proved that style with comfort doesn’t need to be frumpy, as she has paired some simple fashion pieces with a very chic do. She is looking sexy and elegant in a pair of straight legged jeans and a loose fitting top paired with a cute but sexy ponytail for a look that can so obviously work in the office. This just goes to show that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself, and you can style yourself very easily even when on long flights and airport busyness.

To get this look, dampen your soft bristle brush as you pull this ponytail back, and let it sit nice and low on the back of your neck like Paula has here. Then you just need to bend your bangs under ever so slightly with your flat iron or curling iron. This is the cute part of the sexy look, the sexy comes with the outfit you pair it with. If you pull off the right look like Paula has here and choose simple pieces that are casual, but fitted to your size and complement your figure, you can get away with the ponytail. Doing just that will ensure that if you are getting looks from the office crowd, they are the kind of looks you want. This look will only take a few minutes, so go ahead and sleep in a little since you won’t have to worry about your hair. You can arrive on time and still look fabulous and nobody will ever be the wiser.

Photograph: Anthony

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