Jessica Szohr Pins It Up

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Jessica Szohr Hairstyles

This is one starlet that just seems to get prettier and prettier with every passing season, and it’s not even like she needed any improvement to begin with. But here is Jessica Szohr from the hit show Gossip Girl showing off her funky and eclectic style with a whole lot of gorgeousness to boot. Jessica is seen looking ever so breezy and casual as she is working on the set of Gossip Girl in Battery Park in New York City, and she is proving here that a little pin up with the hair can make any look super elegant AND super cas at the same time. And given that Jessica has naturally curly hair that to many equates to naturally unmanageable, she still seems to pull off gorgeousness in a way that seems so easy. For her work on set, Jessica went for a standard workout look with her hair piled up and back with little concern for muss and fuss and even so, she still looks fabulous. This just goes to show that yes, you can get away with second day hair without drawing too much attention to yourself.

This look is not one that you need to style or maintain, it’s a simple matter of effortlessly pinning your hair up and out of your way when you are ready to head out for the day. You can start by teasing sections along either side of your part to give you some of this volume that Jessica has here. Then you want to take both sections from your side and loosely pull them back into a bun or pony that is sitting low on your neck. The key to this look is not worrying too much about being neat and super sleek, but simply allowing the look and the volume to work for you. The less you care about this look, the more casual you appear, and the more casual you appear, the more confident you feel as well which translates into super sexy.

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