Mischa Barton’s Bad Everything Day

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Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton has been having a few personal troubles these days, and it seems to be showing on her. Here she is seen having dinner with her dogs and some friends at the Sant Ambroeus in New York City. Afterwards she was spotted enjoying some people watching whilst smoking a cigarette. And maybe Mischa has forgotten what it means to brush your hair, or that she is paparazzi friendly right now with all of her recent troubles in the looney bin. She was recently released from the hospital after a two week stay where she was under legal direction to not be released until doctors considered her to no longer be a danger to herself or others. Though we don’t know much else about Mischa’s jaunt in the hospital, we do know that her mental health is at best questionable right now. She has returned to work and seems to be coming out of her cave and in the public eye a little bit, but by all looks and accounts here, she still needs a little bit of me time, don’t you think?

This is one hairstyle that we certainly can’t recommend or provide any kind of hints or tips on, other than, don’t try this one yourself. Sometimes celebrities can get away with missing a hair brush on occasion, but this is really a rare occurrence, and not one that you want to try and get away with so soon after your exit from the bin. She just looks worn out in all shapes and forms, and this is definitely a just got out of bed look that you certainly want to avoid. Mischa’s look could be cleaned up very easily by simply taking out whatever elastic or band she has holding this mess together, and sweeping it back into a low ponytail with some mandatory brushing. She would look much less ragged and worn out, but then again, maybe this is the look she’s trying to get us to buy into.

Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

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