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Rachel Bilson Hairstyles
Ah yes, there is nothing like a brand spanking new engagement ring to put a long overdue smile on a girl’s face, and Rachel Bilson is no exception. Here she is in Los Angeles doing some house hunting for her and her new husband to be, and as usual, this style icon is dressed to perfection. Pulling off a casual little black dress, Rachel is showing off a thousand watt smile to match her thousand watt diamond ring. And she has gone a little dressy in the hair, but elegantly enough that her long chestnut locks look casual as well. And whether you have easily tamable hair or not, this look of long and loose waves is so hot right now, and very easy to accomplish.

To get this look like Rachel Bilson, use texturizing shampoo and conditioner, and you will want to blow dry with a round bristle brush. Blow dry your hair about 95%, and when it is still slightly damp, you can set your hair in large sized Velcro rollers to create this wonderful volume that Rachel has here. Let your rollers set for about 30 minutes, and then blast some heat on them to finish the drying and lock in that volume.

When your hair has cooled from this blast, take the rollers out and brush out your hair with your soft bristle brush. The rollers will work to give you some volume, but don’t always allow for a wavy curl, so if you want a little more wave in your hair, use a large barrelled curling iron to lock in the sections you want more vamp appeal. The end result? A lovely voluptuous mane with just enough wave and volume to look sexy, but not too much that you are over the top.

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Photograph: Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.com***

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