The Secret to Leighton Meester’s Headband Craze

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Leighton Meester Hairstyle
Leighton Meester is one girl we love to hate, particularly when she is playing bad girl Queen Bee on our favourite prime time drama Gossip Girl. And another thing we love about this girl is consistency, isn’t it? No matter how good she pretends to be, we are never surprised by the fact that yes, she will always charm us with her evil doings and schemes. Perhaps what makes her so charming in this is her intentions behind most of her evil doings, as they always seem wrapped around the theme that she is doing it for her friends. Ah well, maybe we will see some changes in Blair Waldorf this season, and perhaps we won’t. The other thing that Blair seems to have when it comes to consistency is her never changing hairstyle.

If you want to add some instant glam to your hair, you can do so by taking a cue from Blair Waldorf and adopt this trend into your lifestyle with a cinch. This trend was so hot this year, that Leighton herself was rumoured to have gone through 48 headbands in last years 13 episode season. You too can get this look rather easily. To avoid the flat front that is common with a headband, first brush your hair back and tease with a comb. You will be able to keep the band in place by then spritzing hair with a texturizer and blasting the front section with a hair dryer before placing the headband on.

Place the headband onto your head instead of pulling it back, and you will be left with this style where some pieces are left in the front, while the band neatly and elegantly holds your hair back. The key to this look is remembering that the headband is meant to appear as a hair accessory, not as an actual head band that pulls your hair back giving you a facelift. Think of it as hair bling, made to look pretty on your head, and not so much for actually pulling your hair back. This mindset will help you in placement, and you can pull off this sexy but pretty look that Leighton seems to have mastered on Gossip Girl.

Photograph: Darla Khazei,

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