Jennifer Aniston and the Hair. Always Awesome.

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jennifer aniston hair styles
We could talk ad nauseum at how great this girl’s hair is, was, and always will be. Yes, she is blessed with many many things in life, and excellent hair is no exception. In fact, her hair is so beautiful that many American women would say that if they could only have ONE of Jennifer’s qualities, it would be the hair. But it may comfort you to know that Jennifer Aniston does get a lot of hairapy that ensures her signature great hair stays as great as we know it to be. Here she is seen on the set of her latest movie The Baster, where she plays a hip mom to be that turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant.

And to achieve this sexy hip mom look, she has gone with a streakier look when it comes to the golden highlights that dance across her honey colored locks. To get this kind of color, you want to ask your stylist for large chunky highlights that are brighter than your undertone. Use a medium shade such as a very light brown as your foundation tone, and highlight this was large golden streaks for this multi toned look.

To get the sleek and straight look that Jennifer has here, you want to start off with the same layered cut that she has. Use some straightening serum on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush pulling your hair straight as you dry. Use a flat iron to sleek your hair out as much as you can. When you are flat ironing, you want to pin the top sections of your hair up first, and flat iron the bottom sections for maximum fullness and all over straightness.

After you have flat ironed your entire head, spritz your hair with some anti-humectant. Immediately following this, you will want to flat iron your hair again, and this will lock in the humectant, and give your hair some beautiful shine. It will also seal the cuticle and ensure that your hair stays straight and sleek no matter where you go. If you want to add a bit of volume into your mane, you can tease some sections at the crown and the back section of your crown for a voluminous look that will last all day and all night.

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