Elle MacPherson Glams Up the Workout

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Elle MacPherson
If this weren’t Elle MacPherson working desperately to hide the cameras, you may almost want to think that this was yet another reason to hate supermodels. But….don’t hate them because they are beautiful. That’s their JOB. And here is Elle MacPherson off the clock but doing just that, looking gorgeous while she gets ready to head out for a workout. No, it’s true, she may not have the best hair, but one does not wash and coif before the workout, particularly when you are a busy mom like Elle.

She is seen here dressed and ready to hit the gym after dropping her children off at school. So take heart in this knowledge that her beauty isn’t so effortless after all. But it’s good to know that at least her hair is, as this workout look is a great look to come by when you don’t want to worry too much about it pre-workout. But as you can see, Elle didn’t seem to think so as she was hiding her head and trying to duck out the door without a camera on her. Unfortunately, the paps were quicker than she was and she got spotted nonetheless. But this is one supermodel who takes her job with a smile which is one of the many reasons she is has a fan base even bigger than her media throng. And you would never guess that this girl gave birth not that long go, as she is hardly the frumpy mom that many women, even in her industry, have become. No, still, she is all style and glamour, even if she is a little more conservative than days gone by, she still looks fabulous and has an enviable figure to boot.

This is an easy look to accomplish, even on second day hair and is perfect for moms with a full plate. Before you go to bed at night, wrap your damp hair into a bun and sleep on your coil overnight. You only want your bun to be slightly damp, and about 90% dry. This will allow your hair to bend overnight and dry with the waves you are creating with the bun. In the morning, take your bun out and finger comb your waves out.

If you want to tie at least a little hair back, use a pretty hair accessory to pull your mane back just a little bit and allow the rest of your luscious locks to stay loose and sexy and carefree just like Elle.

Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com ***

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