Anne Hathaway Goes Glam

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Anne Hathaway Hairstyles
Ever the stylista Anne Hathaway is seen here hanging out in the East Village with some unidentified male amigo, and since they are doing the cutesy hand holding thing, my guess would be that Anne has decided to get back in the relationship saddle again. No surprise that it took her so long after all that she went through with the con man from Italy, but it looks like the wait was worth it to her as she is looking happyk, smiley, and ever so glamorous in even the most casual ensemble. Here Anny has gone for a darling little denim mini-dress, and has left her shoulder length cropped hair as is for the day.

Not too much styling here is required, but as you can see having the right cut really makes all of the difference here. Anne’s chocolate colored locks are cut to one length, and it looks like she has taken some time to grow out her bangs as well. The key to styling this chic look into something that is not too glamorous, but sexy and chic at the same time is to tame it with a little bit of product. Use some texturizing shampoo and conditioner for this one, and you will want some styling pomade as well.

For this length of hair you want to go with about a quarter sized drop of pomade and run it over your hands until your palms are covered. Finger comb your hair then with your hands and really work the product through. If your hair is naturally straight, you can just let it air dry, and the texturizing products will work their magic. If not, you may want to blow dry with a flat paddle brush from roots to your ends, and this will lock in the product and ensure your hair stays voluminous with plenty of movement for this chic casual look.

Again, you don’t want to overstyle here, some drying and product is all you need for this sexy look as casual, carefree, and confidence are the true hallmarks to the success of this style.

Photograph: Edward Opinaldo,

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