Dita Von Teese Impresses with Old Hollywood Glamor

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Dita Von Teese Hairstyles
Dita Von Teese has that look that requires skill and artisan craftsmanship, and though this look is by no means easy low maintenance, the final effect is worth the effort every single time. When you throw in her natural beauty and chiseled features, this is one look that is easily envied by many. Here she is spotted in a colorful red and white dress in the VIP section of the Coachella festival that has been all the rage for A-listers this week, and she is styled to perfection for even an everyday outdoor festival. To get the Old Hollwyood hair, you need to focus on curly curls and careful styling.

This look is most easily accomplished on shoulder length or shorter hair as well. And, if you want to look authentically Old World, then you have to do it authentically as well, and for this look, pin curls are the way to go. For this, you want to start off with washing your hair with curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry your hair until it is about 80% dry, with just enough dampness to hold your curls. Take your hair in one inch sections, and wrap a section around your index finger until you get as close to your head as possible. When you do, slowly pull your finger out of the curl, and then pin the curl right to your head. Do this for your entire head. Let your curls dry naturally, or you can blast them with some low heat to set the curl.

Once your hair is 110% dry, slowly take the pins out of your curls. You will also get a better effect if you manage to sleep in your curls as well. When you take your pins out, you can choose to either brush out your curls for a soft look like Dita has here, or you can finger comb them out and pin them back accordingly for a contemporary spin on an Old Hollwyood glamor wave. Finish your final look with a generous misting of extra hold hairspray.

Photograph: Barnsley, Dome, PacificCoastNews.com

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